EcoLight - intelligent lighting management system
What possibilities does smart lighting offer?
  • 1
    Smart lighting
    More comfort in management and less energy consumption
  • 2
    Smart management
    Centralized control of all lighting in the network
  • 3
    Comfort and flexibility
    Solutions are provided through wireless technologies as well as their combinations
  • 4
    Smart integration
    All-in-one digital solutions and remote control of electrical equipment
Intelligent lighting control system
saves energy up to 40%.
  • 40%

There are several solutions for lighting control.

1st solution

Each lamp is equipped with a GSM module and a SIM card.

This solution requires expensive equipment and monthly expenses.

2nd solution

Equipped with "Radio Mesh" networks.

It is not stable. Newly built buildings or obstacles can cause problems.

3rd solution

PLC (Power-Line Communication) – communication over a voltage wire.

Existing 230V wiring is used to transmit EcoLight control signals.
No need for rewiring and antennas.
Advantages of "EcoLight" system
    1. Compatibility
    With our solution, you control any lamp (LED, HID or HPS) over the existing power line.
    1. Remote Control
    You get full control and monitoring of the city's lighting infrastructure with our User software.
  • 3. Automatic notification
    You receive notifications about city lighting failures via e-mail or SMS. You get the ability to detect vandalism or electricity theft.
  • 4. Energy measurements
    You know exactly how much money is spent on lighting.

Economic efficiency

  1. Saving energy and installation work.
  2. Monitoring - now you know exactly how much energy each lamp consumes and how to find it in the event of a malfunction.
  3. It is possible to remotely control all lamps, connect them to groups, control brightness, create work schedules.
  4. Icons - individual point control and monitoring of each lighting control module in the network, as well as for each group, is possible.

Street lighting; parking lots; sports grounds; offices; production areas; warehouses; supermarkets; parks; residential complexes, etc.

Street lighting
They will stop
Sports fields
Production areas
Residential complexes, etc.
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